photo by leigh mckinnon

this wonderful image titled "victorian picnic" is a photograph by leigh mckinnon circa 1895. Leigh McKinnon

Instructors apart from myself, Marion

for Art Adventure Australia - Retreats: thank you Rafael and Hadyn for throwing yourself in, to communicate with grace, for your ideas and discussion and for allowing this creation to develop organically.

Rafael Camargo Yoga Massage Organic Food Magic

Hadyn Wilson Bio | Sydney Workshop | Website | Gallery


Inspiritors: I do not know if "inspiritors" is an "acknowledged" word by those in the decision-making chairs or if I invented it. I am sure I have seen the word somewhere, though it is not in the dictionary. The folks below, I call my Inspiritors - they are some of the folks who have encouraged me during the development of Art Adventures and I thank them, in gratitude for their time, critique, suggestions and enthusiasm. Others not mentioned here, I have thanked "in the flesh".

Kurun Warun Website

Wendy Sharpe Website

Velvet Pesu Collaborative Artist | Info

Judith White Website | Interview| Gallery| Wagner Gallery

Di Brescioni Website

Russell Craig Website

Ruth Rich Website

Debra Livingston Collaboration with Poet

And to two gracious people it was such a pleasure to meet: Bettina Macaulay, curator/writer and Desmond Macaulay, historian/writer "The Promised Land: The Art of Lawrence Daws" - download the beautiful catalogue fromhere or here.


Helpers: people who have helped me in various ways - thank you so much - i am grateful for your assistance.

Various folks from the Cairns, SC, Noosa and two Brisbane branches of The Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) ADFAS

Narelle and Bruce Ladd, my steadfast friends - assisting me in many many ways over the years since an industrial accident - and with their lovingkindness and my determination, I have managed to increase my health

Heidi Lawrence and Gyan Lang - and with their lovingkindness and my determination, I landed on my feet again Eclectic Dreams Shop, Landsborough Qld


Mentors: people with whom I feel a deep deep connection, a couple of whom were my personal mentors.

Barbara Abbott Cottam: artist - naturally gifted and rigorously-trained artist, teacher and radiant beauty, my first personal mentor, taught at RMIT and QUT. On many afternoons on arriving home from school, we would find our mother painting a mural on the lounge room wall - I thought it was a commonplace activity for mothers.

Jean Abbott Ferguson: artist - naturally gifted and my grandmother.

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd: artists, my personal mentors who deeply encouraged me and with whom I corresponded and visited. The time I spent with Arthur in his studio: we easily connected, affirming our humanity, our joy in life, in nature. We talked about family, spending time in nature, the environment. We never talked about art - thinking back now as to why, it seemed superfluous, knowing our similar outlook and values and creative passion would naturally result in art that was real, vital, a true expression. We talked about what was essential, sacred and vital. Arthur's gifts to me were also practical: a half dozen of his long hair french brushes, a reference for a job at Darwin uni, an invitation to paint in his Italian studio, a job co-ordinating the drawing workshops and teaching drawing once Bundanon was made ready. In Mourning - Yvonne Boyd and Arthur | Grafico Topico's Sue Smith Obit. | Guardian Obit.

Matthew Perceval, artist: funny, self-depreciating and genteel Matthew. Spending time with Matthew was like being with Arthur in his studio. He has the same quiet gentle ways as Arthur, his political angst and anger being perhaps a little more overt. Matthew encouraged me through my difficult times (Post Grad, Newcastle Uni) during afternoons at his Newcastle pub. I phoned him recently just before he and his family left for him time OS and told him how much he helped me, just by being there, by inviting me to join him on those occasions at the pub. Website

Muriel Flora Moody (nee Angel): journalist: delightful, funny, creative bright spark, politically passionate, beloved, a joy to know. Remembering hours spent with Muriel on her verandah - I secretly called it the "Verandah of Happiness".

Mary Moody: journalist, tv presenter, writer, a "Renaissance" woman and sister-in-law: delightful, funny, creative bright spark, fierce mother (ie as protector and advocate of children, not as in a mother who is terrifying), imbued with a joie de vivre in which I bathed as often I could. Website