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these images are from documentation from Master Drawing Class.

Helen Keller: 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.'

About me, Marion and "Art Adventures Australia"

the beginnings of [Art Adventures] goes back a loooooong way.

In 1990, I had an unexpected job offer from Arthur and Yvonne Boyd - teaching & co-ordinating drawing classes. On meeting in 1988, we shared a camaraderie born of common experience - growing up within a highly creative family. They became my mentors and we enjoyed our times together. The last time I visited them was to introduce my small infant son Joe. And a few years later, I was so very sad to hear of Arthur's passing. I felt so deeply that I had lost a dear friend. I created a tribute page to Arthur on facebook.

I truly recommend to young readers to meet those you respect and admire in your field of endeavour, because they will delight in your company and they will encourage you - and do so before they become frail - you will both enjoy the experience.

Arthur gave me the address of his nephew Matthew and not long after, I met Matthew and his family in Newcastle where I had one of my studios. Matthew encouraged me to keep drawing during a difficult time of Post Grad at uni. And so I went on to develop a Master Drawing Class.

And my Master Drawing Class was wonderful - shared spaces with an atmosphere of joyful productive camaraderie - a friendly and supportive and peaceful studio where each can feel their brightness expanding, the hum of creative energy, accompanied by great conversation, stories, hilarity, delicious nourishing food, beautiful music. It was a privilege to teach students very quickly to observe and draw very well. I knew then that one day, I would find a way to create residential workshops, so that we could stay together, where we did not have to go home yet, where we and learn and create together, as we all did in my studios.

And so, the time has come. Art Adventures Australia is now born.

cheers from Marion