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Join us on a Adventure of a lifetime, an Art Retreat to learn, to share, to expand your horizons, deepen your creative expression, relax and have fun.

The venue is a luxury modern beach house, large enough to get lost in, spacious for all. Price includes all meals and access to snacks 24/7, transport, transfers and tuition. Student numbers are limited to eight, so it is wise to apply and pay early early to avoid disappointment.

Sumptuous feasts are available all day every day: fresh organic vegetarian fare, simply delicious salads, seasonal local fruits and vegetable, soft cheeses and cream and milk and real coffee and eggs prepared by Rafael and Marion. And you are welcome to watch preparations at the breakfast bar. I just love watching people make fresh food feasts, don't you? Yes!

Swim in the ocean or the salt-water pool, walk along the beach, relax and read or snooze, learn to make some raw food delights, yoga with Rafael Camargo (Yoga Massage Organic Food Magic) on the beach, soak for ages in a big deep bath, choose from a zillion films [many old and new classics], play cards or chess or a board game. Close by are shops and cafes to tempt the eye and palate.

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Ten fabulous days and nights of Creative Bliss in a luxury modern beach house in the Cooloola sun and surf - strengthening your art practice under the guidance of highly accomplished artist instructors Marion Abbott-Lock and Hadyn Wilson, winner of high profile awards including the Gallipoli Prize and Mosman Prize.

Expand your artistic abilities in an atmosphere of joyful productive camaraderie – a friendly and supportive and peaceful studio where each can feel their brightness growing, the hum of creative energy, accompanied by great conversation, stories, hilarity, delicious nourishing food, beautiful music.

You will develop your strengths and visual language and improve your technique. Group discussions and class directed critiques will help to stimulate effective self-evaluation and also encourage constructive engagement with contemporary art practice. Both the instructors and students feel invigorated, refreshed and enthusiastic about the work they are able to produce.  And we all make encouraging friendships. These times are so precious - rare and valuable.


What can you expect from your instructors at an [AAA]Art Retreat?

When one loves to teach, one of it's joys is that the teaching is spontaneous, rising out of the moment by moment circumstances and needs of the students and the instructor's instinct, honed from much experience. Retreats are as stimulating and satisfying for the teachers as they are for the students. When the instructors work together for the first time, to our delight, there are always unexpected combinations of tutorings, we fit in with each other, and respond as the spirit moves us, and this in turn has great benefits for the students.

from marion ...

Beginners are welcome, no previous art practice is necessary.
Confidence is not a prerequisite - the only prerequisite is that you are very keen,
- if you are keen, we can enable you to truly express your natural excellence.

"Only when we express the uniqueness of who we are, when we liberate ourselves and surrender to the mystery of our being -- only then our thirst is really quenched. Our commitment to you is to be your guide and your friend, to provide a joyous nutritious and creative place in which you can blossom."

I shall guide you in two very different methods:

1. Master Drawing Class:
Drawing and Design class will be held for several mornings in the Atelier method. Fundamentals in learning to see, to draw. It has become a truism in our culture that many people regret not having learnt to do one or more of learning to draw, learning to speak a foreign language and learning to play a musical instrument. Now is your chance to acquire life-long skills in learning to see, learning to draw and getting plenty of practice in a supportive environment. There will be some wonderful "ah-hah" moments, when all is revealed. And Elements of Design. Inspired by the cut-out works of Henri Matisse, playing with various materials, colours, shapes, eye, heart, brain, spirit work together as one and one feels in ones being when a design is just right.

2. Big, Bold, Brave and Beautiful:
A radical self-expression.  This just might change the way you paint forever. This opportunity is so much more than art expression. You will feel uplifted, excited, challenged, supported and oh so happy! I look forward to being your guide.
“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”-Anais Nin

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from hadyn ...

The painting component with Hadyn Wilson will involve working outdoors ( 'plein air' ) providing the weather is fine, or in separated areas under cover. You are encouraged to bring whatever medium you feel comfortable with. Acrylic is recommended over oil paint, for practical reasons. We will concentrate on Landscape and particularly focusing on the magnificent sea and beach scenes in the area. We will look at various aspects of this discipline and some its exponents through talks and slide presentations. You will be encouraged to be expressive and enjoy as well as learn from the process.

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from rafael ...